Looking for your Crystal Ball? It’s just the amateur version of RESEARCH.
(Seriously, why guess when you can know?)

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Data that Pays

87% of today’s B2B consumers rely heavily on trustworthy sources of information, giving approval in the form of contracts and sales.

What do they hate?

Too complicated to access. Too much Jargon. Too little Jargon. Too technical.

Experts that know

Want to Out-wit, Out-think and Out-perform your competition?

The formula is so simple you will almost certainly walk away from it in denial and miss out on the payout, but for those who are ready… the secret is…



solutions that work

When timely data, expert advisors, and innovative culture combine with the talents that made your organization great, historical records show a 1000% increase in Leadership Successes. What is that kind of momentum worth to you and your organization?
Research Giant Gartner shares: “It’s no longer about how much information you have—it’s about having the right insight.”

As a boutique research firm, Legend Research uses ancient formulae for persuasion combined with access and intelligence to position our heroic clients to succeed in the most efficient and profitable manner based on data, science and marketing arts.


95% of all purchasing decisions are made in the subconscious mind, yet most marketing messages focus on the miniscule 5% conscious thought process instead of accessing the underlying persuasive patterns that signal the speaker as an insider.

The results?
90 times greater influence and 500% increased chance of sale.
Only through ancient patterns of Legend persuasion can the subconscious mind be influenced. We can show you how.
Working with a highly qualified business advisor yields:


  • a median 700% increase on investment for those that commit for at least 6 months.
  • 51% increased team effectiveness
  • 61% overall business management
  • 72% improved communication skills
  • 73% higher quality of interpersonal relationships

why legend research is probably wrong for you.

The Legend Research Team is comprised of what the world commonly refers to as Geniuses. Ultimately, we are a quirky, sometimes charming, often difficult to understand and get along with a group of individuals who form a team with highly honed skillsets to solve a wide variety of challenges facing businesses today. Sounds pretty good, right?

But working with geniuses is not all sunshine and roses:

We tend to work somewhat odd schedules, getting inspired and working long concentrated periods only to crash later as a physical catch-up to our mental exhaustion; We lost our filters a very long time ago, finding our clients prefer our intelligence and honesty to our half-hearted, very poor attempts at painting rosy pictures; We only work with decision-makers because only those invested directly in the success of the business will be able to keep pace with us.

We only work with people and organizations that we like and to whom we can be truly loyal. Really… if we do not like you or the product or the way your people sell, we exit stage left.

We operate in a constant culture of disruptive innovation. If it were not broken, would you be investing in fixing it?

We do NOT guess. We conduct meticulous research, secondary and primary, as required, and analyze the appropriate course of action.

We are expensive… We are worth every cent. When was the last time you asked your heart surgeon for a coupon? What about the guy building the bridge across the bay that you travel every day? Would you ever consider using out of date pain medicines during a root canal?

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Check out who the Legend People Research Group is and how we work to make your organization more powerful utilizing ancient methods of persuasion proven to massively influence modern audiences, especially your target market.
Dr. Kimberly Bonniksen is the founder of the Legend People Research and Marketing Group. Dr. Bonniksen’s illustrious career has spanned decades of service in business and education for industry leaders including University of Phoenix, Costco, Tony Robbins Business Breakthroughs International, and countless others.

Dr. Bonniksen’s research uncovered the forgotten, powerful formula of Legend, bringing it back to the forefront of marketing and business with a passion to inspire authenticity and brilliance wherever she roams.

If we had a magic wand…

(Which we don’t, by the way.)

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